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Eye Examination

We carry out the following additional tests as part of our Gold Examination. The Gold Examination includes all tests from our silver sight test.

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Pachymetry - Corneal Thickness Measurement

A pachymeter measures your actual corneal thickness (the thickness of the front of your eye). This is important since the pressures measured with Goldmann Applanation Tonometry assume the cornea is a theoretical average value.

By making an adjustment for your corneal thickness, the TRUE (adjusted) intra ocular pressures can be measured. This test can aid in the early detection of glaucoma. Also it is important for all patients who have had refractive laser eye surgery since their corneas are considerably thinner than the average.

DVLA (approved) Visual Fields

Visual fields is a term used to describe everything you can see straight ahead and to your left and right, whilst your head is pointing straight.

Drivers must have a full visual field to be legal to drive and any effects on the visual field can impair your ability to judge distances correctly. As an official visual field test centre for the DVLA, we carry out an Esterman Visual field test for drivers on behalf of DVLA. We now offer this specific test to you as part of our gold eye examination.

With eye conditions, such as glaucoma, the field of vision is greatly affected and a threshold visual field test is still the best way to monitor the progression of this eye disease. In the intial stages of glaucoma the visual field is constricted and if left untreated can lead to tunnel vision and ultimately blindness.

Visual fields can also be used to identify unexplained headaches and can be used to locate serious conditions like brain haemorrhages or tumours.