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Private and NHS Eye Examinations

At West Malling Opticians, we aim to provide an exceptional, professional and accurate service for ALL our patients.  We understand how important your vision is to you and therefore we want to help you preserve and maintain healthy eyes. 

Annual sight tests are important to allow us to regularly monitor any ocular health changes as well as any changes to your vision.  As part of your comprehensive eye examination, we will carry out the following additional tests, to help us achieve our goals in helping our patients.    

Indirect Ophthalmoscopy

Indirect Ophthalmoscopy is normally carried out in Eye Hospitals by a Consultant Ophthalmologist and is a technique that we use to allow us access to a wider view of the back of the eye.  It enables the Optician to view the peripheral retina more thoroughly, as well as giving us a three dimensional image.  This image allows us to view any raised areas on the retina, which may not be possible to identify with the traditional hand-held Ophthalmoscopes, used at most High Street Opticians.

Eye Pressure

Think Blood Pressure! We all have it, but your GP probably raises his eye brow when he thinks yours is too high or too low.

Well it's the same for opticians and the pressure in your eyes, known as the Intra Ocular Pressure (IOP). Consistent raised IOP is one of the causes of Glaucoma, which can ultimately lead to blindness due to the damage caused to the optic nerve. Goldmann Applanation Tonometry is considered to be the most accurate method of IOP measurement and is used in Eye Hospitals and is a technique that we would use as standard.  Please visit eye pressure with Goldmann page for more information.