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Specialist Contact Lens Fitting & Aftercares

We are specialists when it comes to Complex Contact Lenses including Rigid Gas Permeable, Soft Lenses, Toric Contact Lenses and even Keratoconic Lenses.

As an independent optician, we are able to offer our patients with a wide variety of contact lens options to achieve optimal vision.  As technology is constantly evolving, we are able to fit most complex prescriptions with contact lenses as an alternative to spectacles. 

We understand that wearing glasses every day may not agree with your lifestyle, it may limit your view when playing sports or compromise your look when going out, therefore using contacts lenses as an alternative vision correction is ideal for most people.  However, as contact lenses are a medical device, it is important that they are fitted and prescribed by your optician to ensure that they fit and suit individual visual requirements. 

During our Fitting appointments, we will discuss the options available for you and the advantages/disadvantages of using lenses.  Your optician will take some measurements and insert some lenses in your eyes for you to go away and trial for 30 minutes, in terms of comfort and vision.  Based upon your feedback, we will make a clinical judgement on whether we should proceed with the fit or not.  As part of fitting contact lenses, patients will also undergo a teach appointment, where they will be shown the different techniques for inserting and removing the contact lenses. 

Contact lenses, if not handled with care and hygiene can lead to many eye health issues including infections, therefore it is very important to ensure that regular check ups are carried out with your optician. 

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