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Anterior Photo and Retinal Digital Photography

What is Anterior Photography?

An anterior photo is a good technique to use that allows us to take an image of any point within the eye.  We are able to get a better look of either the front of the cornea, the back of the cornea or ever the lenses within the eye. 

We would tend to use this technique to detect and monitor many different corneal health issues, contact lenses issues or even pterygiums (growth of pink flesh tissue on the white of the eye). 

What is Retinal Photography?

Retinal photography is a method used to take a high-resolution digital photograph of the retina.  The retina refers to the inner lining of the eye, which is light sensitive, and it is made of several individual layers that behave similarly to a traditional camera lens.  

The retinal imaging allows your optician to view all the surrounding blood vessels around the retina, the macula (most sensitive part of the retina) and the optic nerve. 

The test itself involves the patient to sit in front of a large camera and fixating on a set target, at which point the practitioner will click the button and with a quick flash, the image is taken. 

The direct view of the blood vessels in the eye allows your opticians to monitor and identify many conditions that can directly affect our eyes and bodies.  The conditions that may affect the eye include Diabetes, High blood pressure, Glaucoma, Age related Macular degeneration, or high cholesterol levels.