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Prescription Lenses

We only use GENIUNE Essilor (Varilux®) Lenses. Essilor is the world's largest manufacturer of good quality ophthalmic lenses.  We understand that vision is important and that every individual has different visual requirements.  With Essilor, we have access to a wide range of lenses to suit every individual and are able to provide our patients with optimal quality vision that is tailored for you.   

Varilux® varifocals are the original varifocal ever to be produced and they still remain the leading varifocal to this day.  Often people struggle with varifocals due to many different reasons, but ultimately are all caused by one of the three factors:

  1. A poor fitting frame
  2. A poor lens quality, leading to a limited field of vision
  3. Incorrectly measured

Each member of our team has undergone comprehensive lens training and understands the complexity and accuracy involved when fitting lenses.  As each person is an individual, we take the time to listen to our patients and understand what is the most important to our patients.  We then combine this knowledge with our knowledge of lenses and would recommend the correct lenses for you.

We use our new Visioffice machine to help us tailor your lenses for you and for the frame that you have chosen to help us give you the ultimate vision.  This is a good tool to use for all spectacle wearers and not only for varifocal wearers.   

Lens Coatings

We also offer a range of different lens coating that help to protect your eyes and enhance the overall vision.  Essilor provide every lens with a anti-reflective treatment as well as UV and Blue Violet light protection.  If required, tints and Transitions lenses are also available. 

All Varilux® lenses are offered with a 30 day money back guarantee and our premium Anti-Reflective coating comes with a 2 year guarantee against all manufacturing faults.